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Why to reach out for a Recruiter?

Why to reach out for a Recruiter?

A recruiter is someone acting on your behalf, who usually earns by the commission, meaning their success only comes when you benefit. 

Yes, recruiters win only when all parties involved win because they are agents. Their goal is to make it happen. There are many types of them; sports agents, retail agents, stock brokers, car brokers, business brokers, insurance agents, etc. If it is something that matters, there is an agent involved.

When it comes to finding a job, a good recruiter is an agent that helps you get the right job and simultaneously enables its clients to get the right professional. Simply put, they understand the needs and expectations, find the right expert and connect them with top companies flawlessly. 

Nevertheless, many think agents, particular recruiters, and headhunters are unnecessary middlemen. But, unnecessary things do not stay in the market; and recruitment is old as human settlement. 

It all started around 55 BC, with Julius Caesar, the leader of the Roman Army, who created a generous reward for any soldier bringing another soldier into the army. Egyptians and Imperial China used the same recruitment techniques.

During World War II, the recruiter’s position strengthened, having the challenging task of filling all those jobs left by the soldiers going to war and, when the war ended, finding jobs for all returning soldiers and widows. But why can jobseekers reach employers directly or the other way around? 

Well, for starters, they may not know each other. But let’s say they heard about each other; how would you take it if a stranger asked you for a job? Or how would you react if someone asks you to work for him/her? Better an introduction from a friendly face, right?

Let’s overcome the introduction phase; how would you know if that person is a good fit for your opening (soft skills, hard skills, expectations, notice period, etc.? Or how do you know that’s a good employer (company’s culture, team size, tech stack, salary range, etc.)? Mind the gap!

The recruiter’s networking and understanding of the labour market greatly help any hiring process’s success. We are talking of a professional that is dedicated to finding and connecting people and businesses. Who works daily in understanding both ends and ensuring win/win relationships.

And indeed, when all is attempted to be replaced, automated and cheaper, being in the middle is not easy. But a recruiter’s job will always be there; people understand people; there is no software that can seek, understand, connect, negotiate and close deals leaving all parties winning. 

Thus, if you are lucky enough to find or be found by a good agent in recruitment, stay close because this may be the only person, apart from your family, that will listen and work alongside you to get you to a better place.

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