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About Julien Salé

About me

As a full-stack JavaScript developer with 2 years of experience in web development, I am passionate about creating high-performance, responsive web applications.

My background in mathematics allows me to solve complex problems with ease and optimize the performance of web applications.

I am proficient in React JS and Node.js, and specialize in the Next.js and NestJS frameworks.
I have a strong understanding of web development principles and am constantly learning new technologies to improve my skills.

Front-end 🖌️
● TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
● React.js, Next.js
● Redux, SWR
● Material UI, Tailwind, Sass, styled-components

Back-end ⚙️
● TypeScript, Python
● Node.js, NestJS, Django, DRF
● MySQL, PostgreSQL, Prisma, sequelize